Saturday, October 24, 2009

Video: Italy on Two TV Interviews Mirjana and Jakov Medjugorje Visionaries (22/09/2009)

English Translation of Mirjana's Interview with Italian TV Channel Italy on Two on 22/09/2009 (10 seconds-59 seconds)

Mirjana: "As a girl of fifteen, who has grown up under communism in the former Yugoslavia I did not know it was "possible" that the Virgin could came to earth. For my Our Lady was in heaven and we prayed. The Christian life was in our homes. Once a week we could go to Mass, but everything else was in our homes. Our parents did not talk much because of fear so when I saw the Our Lady .... I felt all along fear and happiness and did not know if I were alive or dead. But when you see her once you do not mind anything else.There is only the Virgin Mary, her face and love in her eyes. Only this is what you want to see and the reason you want to live."

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