Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Video Shocker: Obama Healthcare Plan Forces Taxpayers To Fund Abortion

Stop The Abortion Mandate Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion

This video highlights the largest pro-life coalition ever assembled to fight against the abortion mandate in the current Obama nationalized health care legislation. The Obama healthcare plan means the greatest expansion in abortion since Roe V Wade. It involves TAXPAYER FUNDED ABORTION. Taxpayers will be FORCED to fund abortion on demand. America will have taxpayer funded killing. Without an EXPLICIT EXCLUSION of abortion in any healthcare reform bill, abortion will be included. Join the largest ever pro-life coalition assembled to fight taxpayer funded abortion. Time is running out. Contact your Senators and your Representative NOW.Visit Stop The Abortion Mandate for CONTACT DETAILS.


Anonymous said...

This is reminiscent of the hysteria whipped up over the Mother and Child Act.
Where's the proof? Where is this written into any of the healthcare legislation?

John Barry said...

That is precisely the point. Pro life people want an Explicit Exclusion of abortion from the measure. They want it in black and white. The pro aborts in the Democratic Party are refusing to insert a clause whereby abortion is explicitly excluded. Obama is a pro abortion extremist. He has supported partial birth abortion.
He has introduced a large number of pro abortion measures since becoming president. Most Democrat Congressmen and women want abortion included as healthcare and paid for by the taxpayers. There are some pro life Democrats who are opposed.
Obama Healthcare Reform

FACT: The abortion mandate is very real. The absence of the word abortion is very reason why the
proposed legislation will mandate abortion on virtually every American health care plan. For example,
look no further than the federal Medicaid statute which does not mention the word abortion, yet Medicaid
funded as many as 300,000 abortions per year prior to enactment of the Hyde amendment.

FACT: The President himself said that reproductive care is at the heart of his health care plan.1 And
Hilary Clinton has confirmed that the administration considers abortion to be part of reproductive health.
More recently Office of Budget and Management Chief Peter Orszag told "FOX News Sunday" on July
19, 2009 that it is not "prepared to rule [taxpayer funded abortion] out" of the healthcare legislation.2

[1 Senator Obama: “Well, look, in my mind reproductive care is essential care, basic care so it is at the center, the heart of the plan that I propose.”]

Anonymous said...

I just don't get this opposition to healthcare reform.
Would you like to have a relative in America on a limited income suffering from a serious illness such as cancer or MS?
Hard working people lose all their savings and more if they are unfortunate enough to have a chronic illness in the family. Is that fair?

John Barry said...

America is practically bankrupt. Obama has quadrupled the deficit. People including many Democrats fear that taxpayers will be fleeced to finance healthcare measures. At a townhall meeting last week an ordinary taxpayer stood up an asked Obama a simple question along the following lines. "America is almost bankrupt. How can you finance increased healthcare with money which we have not got?" Obama could not answer the question. Sure healthcare must be reformed but the question is who will finance it.90% of Americans are happy or reasonably happy with the current situation. See
A Comprehensive Argument Against Obama's Healthcare Reform

Anonymous said...

Well, I read the article and found it unpersuasive.

Most countries subsidies their postal and public transport services, because they are just that, a service, there for everyone to use.
People, anywhere would be fairly browned off if the postman stopped calling.

I have lived in Ireland, Germany and the UK, and found the German system of universal, compulsory health insurance provided by private healthcare companies totally efficient. This seems to be what Obama has in mind.

You wont see many Germans complaining about their health service.

John Barry said...

American cannot afford Obama's plans. He has failed to explain how he will fund healthcare. Its a case of spend, spend, spend. Reminds me of Ireland. Remember he has quadrupled the deficit in one year. Middle Class taxpayers will be bled dry eventually. In addition it will provide coverage for 12 million illegals. This has infuriated many Americans. Throw in taxpayer funded abortion. Rationing will occur because of lack of financial resources. Many elderly fear this with good reason.
Government would tax employers 8% of the average wages for employees for all time when the employer was not offering health insurance coverage, with an exception for companies with a payroll under $250,000. This tax gives direct incentives for employers not to hire workers in a time when unemployment has risen to 11%. This tax would destroy jobs.
In addition the Democrats are chopping and changing key sections of the bill on a weekly basis. A sizeable minority of moderate Democrats are unhappy with the plan. 90% of Americans are happy or reasonably happy with the current system. In short they dont trust the alternative proposal.

Meet Dan and Laura said...

Thank you John for your rational, reasonable and intelligent presentation of your side of this debate. You presented 'Facts' vs 'Opinion' and when people take time to read and present the facts, their argument will prevail every time against opinions and vague innuendos.

Thank you again John!