Monday, May 11, 2009

Notre Dame must choose between God and Obama the most pro-abortion president in U.S. history

You cannot be Roman Catholic and be pro choice. Those Catholics who facilitate the provision of abortion in any way excommunicate themselves. Pro choice is a euphemism for the support of the slaughter of the innocent. It is sanitized language. Let’s call abortion what it really is. It is the murder of the innocent unborn child in the womb. It is a heinous crime.

Obama is a pro abortion extremist. This is the man who voted against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act when it was in the Illinois state legislature and who overturned the Mexico City policy three days after he took office. In addition he has decided to fund abortions in foreign countries with American tax dollars. Finally he has stated that he wouldn't want any daughter of his who made a mistake to be "punished" with a child.

The abortion clinics are the new death chambers. We now have the modern holocaust. The abortion practitioners are the new NAZIS. Obama is the most pro abortion president in US history. He supports the culture of death.
Obama thumbs his nose at the Law of God and Notre Dame disgraces itself by honoring a man who is a pro abortion extremist. Obama professes himself as being opposed to torture yet is an ardent supporter of the torture of the innocent unborn child in the womb. What a hypocrite. Shame on Notre Dame for inviting him. It is not upholding Catholic teaching on abortion. It is no longer a Catholic institution.

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rainywalker said...

They will pick Obama because the God of the Old Testament is turning his back on us. It's the politically correct thing to do. Those in Washington have sold out for a few pieces of silver.